Welcome to this hell, my friends..

Maddison take raw angst, huge guitars and an unmatched energy that is sure to turn heads and write from the heart about topics such as anxiety and depression and loss.

Hailing from South Wales, UK, the band are lead vocalist and guitarist James Chorlton, Peter Edwards on guitar, Benj Allison on bass & Adam on drums.

Maddison released their debut album, ‘The Dark’ in 2017 and very quickly amassed a great online following. Their follow up EP ‘Recovery’ not only showed a solid evolution in their songwriting, but with the execution in which they perform their music. Now with over a million streams on Spotify and climbing, Maddison are a force to be reckoned with.

Currently the band are preparing for the imminent release of their second album entitled 'Masquerade'. Deciding to go it alone, they have undertaken the entire album process in house. Building a studio and handling all recording and production entirely in house.

“People thought we were crazy to go it alone with our new album and do everything in house. No producer, no outside studio. Just the four of us locked in a building every day making music. With Benj taking the production reigns and all of us doing our part, it makes masquerade a huge deal for us, and a massive step up for us and our music.

We've put our heart and soul into this record and hope that Masquerade will mean just as much to you guys as it does to us.”