The Dark’s lyrics are all about my struggles with anxiety, depression and my fights with my demons. It tells of my fears, my sadness, my panic attacks. The times when I sat in a darkened room because it was less risky there than emerging into the real world. It speaks of the shadows following you from corners, always there at the periphery of your vision but never seen by others, therefore impossible to explain to those who can’t see those dark recesses.

The Dark is a shadow that tries to draw you in, to keep you with it, to keep you in the dark, where it tells you there is safety, it dissuades you from trying to find happiness. The shadow is fear, fear that drags you in and traps you there refusing to let you even try to emerge. Depression is the monster that tells you if you ignore it then terrible things will happen,  it tells you that YOU need to keep it company along with panic, anxiety and fear. The monster tells you that you are safe sitting with him in the dark corner of your mind where you can control what happens now, then and later.

Depression alters how you think, it makes you worry about failure, about how others perceive you, you might get hurt, be pushed around, be laughed at. It has many strategies to keep you in its power. Of course ultimately the Monster wants to keep you in the dark where it can feed off your sadness, but with the strength to break free you can.

I did. I am.